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Monterey Bay and Beyond with Hunter Finnell, Feb 2014
Watch Monterey Bay and Beyond with Hunter Finnell and explore the majestic allure of the towns and cities all around the Central Coast. Every month Hunter features an interesting, educational or entertaining local event or organization as the Host Sponsor of his television show, and weaves it together with stories about interesting businesses and the popular people that operate them. Our Show is great for locals as well as visitors wanting to dive deeper into our lovely coastal community. Watch it here or on Comcast. Also available on On-Demand.

In this program, you will learn about the TV Show and its Marketing possibilities. You will also explore businesses you will definitely want to visit.
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1. Show introduction and sponsorship opportunities segment 1, play video
2. The Sardine Factory, play video
3. Sandbar and Grill, play video
4. Montrio Bistro, play video
5. Sam Linder and the Relay for Life, play video
6. San Carlos Business Group, Gallery Elite, play video
7. San Carlos Business Group, Alexi Art, play video
8. San Carlos Business Group, Wilke's Estate Jewelers, play video
9. San Carlos Business Group, Jones & Terwilliger Galleries, play video
10. San Carlos Business Group, Crossroads Jewelers, play video
11. Show sponsorship opportunities segment 2, play video


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